Air cooling system (noiseless, blowless)

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Air cooling system (noiseless, blowless)

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Product Name Air cooling system (noiseless, blowless)
Overview and Key Features This system is an alternative to today’s air conditioners, featuring its ability to control room temperature without blowing. Solving problems of people who are susceptible to air conditioners’ blowing, its ecological and therapeutic versatility is immeasurable. We believe that this system has the potential to meet various needs for new era of space temperature controlling.
The system was designed by experts in varied fields, and is available in a variety of sizes and colors to satisfy various appetite of space design. Panel surface can be choosen from two options: "paint-finish" with tender feel of paint film, or "alumite-finish" with brilliance of aluminum. It's thin, light and easy to handle, making it possible to harmonize air conditioning unit with interior space.
Sizes and Dimensions

Model A

Width: 101cm
Height: 212cm

Model B

Width: 101cm
Height: 175cm

Model C

Width: 101cm
Height: 55cm
System Components


- Aluminum panel
- Remote controller


- Heat pump AC200V (single unit)
- Circulation pipe
- Drain pipe
Location of Manufacturing or Production Tokyo, Japan

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